Were you of the same school of thought that cloth napkins cannot be used in more ways than one. Although in itself, cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins, coffee napkins and dinner napkins is whole category but I am here to share some new uses of cloth napkins that I found recently

So here goes nothing. Please do comment below with additional ideas for cloth napkins and I will feature you in my next blog. 


1. Bandana/Head Scarf

20 inch cloth napkins are perfect as hair accessories and can be used as a rolled bandana or head scarf to keep your hair in place. Also its a very stylish accessory in gorgeous prints and bright colors. Win Win isn't it

2. Face Cover

Face masks and face covers have become a part of life with Covid now but that does not mean you have to look any less stylish. Why not use fun and bold block printed cloth napkins as face covers for style and comfort. Bonus tip- They can be doubled as a neck scarf when face cover isn't required. 

2. Sustainable Gift Wrapping

With the gift giving season gone for last year, there was a landfill of paper wastage in gift wrapping paper. Especially with kids, when opening their presents they would tear away the paper, making it essentially useless. So this year, why not try to use fabric napkins as gift wrapping which is sustainable, reusable and multi-purpose. 

3. Tortilla/Roti Cover 

What is better than pure and breathable fabric to keep your tortillas warm and fresh. Go with cotton cloth napkins as they can have multiple uses in the kitchen such as kitchen towel, tortilla cover, Pot Cover etc. There is no end to uses when you have a fun product to work with. 



4. Pillows/cushion cover

How about using the napkins as cushion covers? Its simple-just sew 2 together and voila! You’ve got yourself a pillow cover! Place a pillow insert inside and you have a new accessory for your bedroom, kids room, living room, outdoor seating. The list is endless. Pillowcase I Cotton Printed Cushion Cover I All Sizes – Cotton Print Club

5. Placemat

Many people use napkins as a placemat or charger plate instead. Place your charger plate (or skip the charger) and / or dinner plate right on top of the napkin. Easy table transformation for any occasion.

See here for some cool ready-made placemats for your table as well!

Do check out my website for more fun and gorg products like above.  


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  • Kate Warrington: August 08, 2022
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    Do you sell mixed batches of off cuts or roll end pieces suitable for patch work projects?

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