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Feel The True Passion & Quality Infused With Artwork.



It’s been a wild ride for me over the past couple of years, but that is what has shaped the Cotton Print Club into the exciting block printing outlet it is today! I have had two children, moved countries multiple times, and overcame obstacles during that time. However, my passion for vibrant design inspired by my homeland of India is what has kept me going.


I launched Cotton Print Club to share my creations that brought me down to earth during these unprecedented times. The colorful pieces I designed and developed immediately impacted home interior enthusiasts. The quality materials, exciting patterns, and standout colors spoke volumes. Today, I am driving to share my pieces with the world.

The old traditional art form of block printing is alive and well, and I’m excited to share my designs with you!




I want to get this beautiful art and its products out to the world at affordable prices by sourcing direct from manufacturers. We believe every person should be able to afford handmade artisan products.