Keeping your table in good shape, whether it's a hand-me-down from a friend or family or a new buy made just for your house, can help you get more usage out of it. Normal usage may cause some wear, but preventing damage will keep your table looking new for longer. Protecting your tables with easy ways can keep them from being damaged by typical wear and tear.

Table Linens

Table Linen

100% cotton fabric tablecloths are one way to safeguard your table's surface. A 100% cotton fabric tablecloth covers the entire tabletop yet hides the table. You can also use cotton tablemats and a table runner to preserve the table while yet displaying its beauty. The table runner offers a covered surface for your serving dishes, while the placemats protect the space under and around each person's plate.

Table runner

 Table Runner

Table runners are seen to be a saving grace since they serve the essential purpose of shielding the dining table from spilt food and drink. Table runners are put over table linens so that any spills can be absorbed by the runner. The runner can readily protect the dining cover since it is easy to clean. If the food misses the runner and lands on the dining cover, the harm will be confined to that portion of the dining cover. The dining table, which is generally constructed of pricey rare wood or very delicate glass, has a chance to be rescued if the table coverings and runners are utilised together.

Dining Table Pad

Table Pad

A dining table placemat is a covering that goes over your table. The pad's back is made of felt or similar soft material, while the top is made of a synthetic substance, such as vinyl, that is designed to seem like the wood on your table. The cushions unfold and connect to completely cover the tables. There are brands that produce bespoke table pads if your dining table did not come with one.

Clear Contact Paper

If your table is made of plastic or a low-cost wood composite, you may cover it with contact paper like a cabinet shelf. The contact paper may be readily cut to fit your table's size and adhered to. Using patterned contact paper on your table will give it a unique look that will complement your kitchen or dining area design. For wooden tables, this procedure is not advised. The contact paper glue has the potential to harm the wood.


Before leaving the manufacturer, most wooden tables are varnished. The varnish is intended to preserve the wood while also allowing it to withstand typical wear and tear. Apply polyurethane varnish to an untreated table to preserve the wood. A bristles paintbrush is used to apply the varnish in the same direction as the grain. Allow for thorough drying of the varnish before utilising the table.


Maintaining your dining table on a regular basis can assist to maintain it in good shape. Allow no water to sit on the surface, and clean up any spilt food as soon as possible. For the tabletop, use the proper cleansers. A glass table, for example, maybe cleaned with a home glass cleaner and a dry towel, but a hardwood table requires wood furniture cleaning.

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