4 Reasons Why Cotton is the best for Face Masks

10th Jan by Palak

With face masks becoming the latest accessory for traveling, shopping, or running errands, why not create your own? The best new DIY project can be a non sew facemask. 

Obviously, a face mask needs to be soft, comfortable – and most importantly – breathable. So it’s a good idea to get some information on why cotton is comfortable for face masks.

Why Sew Your Own Face Mask?

There is a huge range of face masks on the market at the moment. However, sewing your own allows you to show off your own personal style.

Sewing your own face mask allows you to have spare masks since its better to keep spare in each jacket/coat or purse as these keep getting lost. 

Cotton Fabric for Face Mask

As we said earlier, your face mask fabric needs to be soft and breathable; Also just being soft isnt enough now since it also needs to be stylish and pretty if its going to a part of your daily outfit. Why not match colors with your outfits with our block printed fabrics. 



Cotton fabric is breathable and light giving you the room to breathe easy and comfortable. Cotton is also comfortable for people with allergies since its a natural organic fabrics, it does not irritate the nose The material has a honeycomb surface which allows the wearer to stay cool while wearing it and keeps clean air flowing through. Pure Cotton Block Print Fabric at bulk deal prices! – Cotton Print Club


Because Cotton is so agile, it can be easily customized to adding three or 2 layers for safety or adding a nose clip or not. Its a gorgeous soft material to work with and gives the maker the freedom to play around with the design and functionality. 


Cotton face masks are proving to be more effective against the spread of Coronavirus than previously though, a new study found. Even under humid conditions- which is typically the case, as the mask covers the mouth and nose - 100% Cotton performed significantly better than synthetic fibers, including nylon, polyester, and rayon. 


With the number of handprints and designs available in cotton, these make for gorgeous facemasks. Need we say more!




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