Are you someone who loves their table and the décor on it?  Would you like to try different ways to present your table napkins in different ways but can't find too much information on it? Please check out my blog for some cool ideas to present your table linen. In fact there is a bonus in the end on how to use your table napkins in a completely different manner as well. Check out our table napkins for more designs and prints-Block Printed Cloth Napkin | Scalloped Cotton Napkins Online – Cotton Print Club

So here goes-

1) Flying swan style 

2) Rose twirl 

3) King's Crown

4) Rocket Ship

5) Christmas Tree

And as I promised the bonus style for not your table but your, drumroll please.....

your head.

Why not use your table covers as bandanas and face covers. Keeping it stylish and multi purpose. 

Thanks and keep doing you coz you are awesome!



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