Interior design trends 2022 are proving to be Instagram-worthy looks you’ll certainly want to try in your home. This coming year, design is getting comfortable with current styles that’ll go the distance, a few vintage styles making a comeback, and timeless classics holding strong. Given the trends and styles, you will not only be able to replicate these in your homes but also build a sustainable environment, the world currently needs. Here are my predictions for the Year 2022 for hot new styles-

Colorful Cheer-

Year 2021 ended up being so difficult and dull for so many of us and 2022 isn't looking very bright either as of now. Since there is nothing to make the world brighter, why not make our own small world bright and happy. Time to splurge in some bright table covers, furniture and home décor to make home space full of life. 

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Sustainable and Multi-purpose Décor-

With the world moving more towards sustainability, reusable and multi purpose décor is the new norm. Table covers that can be used as wall hangings, table napkins which can be used as kitchen towels, face covers, bandana or using more glass and wood to avoid plastic. 

Nature Inspired Home

Go the extra mile with your nature-inspired design next year and bring authentic greenery into your home. Plants will not only complement your natural woods and warm browns, but they will also purify the air. Besides, seeing your blooms grow brings a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

Minimalist Décor 

A minimalist home décor style would most likely consist of clean and limited furniture but with the right furniture, it would be enough to accentuate the living space to another level. The benefit would be airy and spacious room with limited home décor products.

Rustic Rouge

Rustic style of décor will make a comeback in 2022 for people who want to be inspired with old art forms such as block prints, Kantha or batik. This would consist of décor with rough edges and imperfections which rather accentuate the beauty of the room. Turkish colorful floor mats, old repurposed trunks as center tables, block printed drapes etc. are small such examples of rustic home décor 


Please let me know in comments your thoughts! I would love to hear some suggestion as well. 



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